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“That is exactly what the judge will instruct the jury: ‘If you find anything that a witness said to be untrue, to be incredible, to be a lie, feel free to disregard the entirety of that witness’s testimony,’” says Randy Zelin, professor of law.

The Wall Street Journal

Jacqueline Rifkin, assistant professor of marketing, discusses the benefits and downsides of delayed gratification.

The New York Times

Arthur Wheaton, director of labor studies, discusses the Mercedes-Benz workers' vote against joining the union.


“We're going to have to have an attitude adjustment here. We're going to have to start dealing with the fact now that we're going to have air quality alerts more often,” says Mark Wysocki, senior lecturer of Earth and atmospheric sciences emeritus.


Nicole Martin, assistant research professor in dairy foods microbiology, comments on the surge of raw milk sales.


Alex Susskind, professor of food and beverage management, explains why self-serve machines have disappeared in some places.

Associated Press

Article mentions We Rise, a coalition of organizations including the Carroll Gardens Nanny Association, the National Domestic Workers Alliance, and the School of Industrial and Labor Relations.


Erica Groshen, senior labor market advisor at ILR, discusses housing costs.

Associated Press

“China’s factory-led recovery and weak consumption growth, which are translating into excess capacity and an aggressive search for foreign markets, in tandem with the looming U.S. election season add up to a perfect recipe for escalating U.S. trade frictions with China,’’ says Eswar Prasad, professor of international trade policy.


"You know the canary in the coal mine saying? If we understand what's happening to birds, we might be able to understand broader changes in the environment, in climate and things like that," says Ian Davies, extension support specialist.

The Hill

Sarah Kreps, professor of government, says there have been “a number of efforts to dot the I’s and cross the T’s in terms of the constitutionality of this” since 2020.

Voice of America

Christopher Anderson, professor of operations and analytics at the School of Hotel Administration, discusses teaching about AI and its use in revenue management for travel and hospitality companies.