Media on Campus

Working with Media Relations

Cornell University welcomes news media to its campus as part of its mission to share research and expertise with the world. Cornell is, however, a private university, and neither the public nor members of the media have a right to unrestricted access to Cornell faculty, students, staff, or properties.

The Cornell University Media Relations team is available to assist media members seeking access to campus. Before arriving, members of the media must contact Media Relations ( regarding the details of the visit. Journalists who have not obtained permission to work on campus or whose actions are deemed disruptive may be asked to leave university property.

Interviews and events coverage

In order to facilitate timely and appropriate access, on-campus faculty, student, or staff interviews should be scheduled through Media Relations. Faculty, students, or staff members who schedule on-campus interviews directly with members of the media are asked to inform Media Relations of the visit prior to their arrival.

Journalists without special equipment may attend events designated as open to the public or open to the media, while separate broadcast permissions may have to be secured in advance for other media. Registration may be required for some events when seating is expected to be limited. Please note that some campus events are for members of the campus community only. 

Photography and videography

The university may grant members of the news media general access to outdoor spaces on campus to photograph or video record environmental campus shots and building exteriors. Faculty, students, staff, and visitors who appear in images of campus may not be easily identifiable without specific permission of the individuals involved. Still images and b-roll of campus and of select events may also be made available to news media.

Note: This policy does not cover access to campus for commercial, non-news-related photography or audio/video recording. Visit the Brand Center website to request permission for commercial audio or visual recording access.

Broadcast studios

Our Cornell Broadcast Studios can transmit live HD-quality audio and video at no cost to television and radio networks, news agencies, and affiliates interviewing Cornell University faculty, students, and staff. Our Broadcast Studios team also manages an HD-quality web-based studio designed for Google+ and Skype interviews. For more information, contact