Cornell University Statement Regarding Questions About Professor Brian Wansink’s Research

Media Contact

John Carberry

Cornell University takes matters of academic integrity seriously. Shortly after we were made aware of questions being raised about research conducted by Professor Brian Wansink by fellow researchers at other institutions, Cornell conducted an internal review to determine the extent to which a formal investigation of research integrity was appropriate. That review indicated that, while numerous instances of inappropriate data handling and statistical analysis in four published papers were alleged, such errors did not constitute scientific misconduct ( However, given the number of errors cited and their repeated nature, we established a process in which Professor Wansink would engage external statistical experts to validate his review and reanalysis of the papers and attendant published errata. A report detailing the findings is now available.

Since the original critique of Professor Wansink’s articles, additional instances of self-duplication have come to light. Professor Wansink has acknowledged the repeated use of identical language and in some cases dual publication of materials. Cornell will evaluate these cases to determine whether or not additional actions are warranted.