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Statement from Vice President and Chief of Human Resources Officer Mary Opperman

Media Contact

John Carberry
“Cornell University is aware of the viral activity on social media involving Cornell students. We are deeply concerned that an individual is being targeted and threatened online. All persons are entitled to a safe environment in which any allegations of misconduct are fairly and appropriately addressed. No one should assume that allegations being distributed online are necessarily fair or accurate.
“Cornell University is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and respectful learning, living, and working environment. As outlined in both Policy 6.4 and the Campus Code of Conduct, we do not and will not tolerate sexual assault and related misconduct, nor do we tolerate threats or acts of physical violence. Any member of our community who encounters these issues is encouraged to seek help. You have the right to report any such acts to the Title IX Office, the Office of the Judicial Administrator, Cornell Police Department, local and/or state law enforcement. Even if you choose not to report, confidential resources and assistance are available to all students, faculty and staff.”