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AI not ‘natural phenomenon’, more oversight needed

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Becka Bowyer

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman urged lawmakers to regulate artificial intelligence during a Senate panel hearing on Tuesday.

Thorsten Joachims

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Thorsten Joachims, professor of computer and information science at Cornell University, is an expert in artificial intelligence and studies machine learning for search engines, recommendation, education, and other human-centered tasks.

Joachims says:

“ChatGPT has been a wake-up call both for the public perception of AI and for AI regulators, but it also distracts from that fact that we are overdue for guidelines on all the other uses of AI, especially AI in automated decision making. AI can provide great opportunities for improving over human decision making and fairness, but we need to manage risks and provide oversight.

“Tech companies are only one of the stakeholders in AI. AI is not a natural phenomenon, but a technology we are creating by design. We need to make sure that not only the big tech companies have the access and resources to participate in designing the AI we want.”

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