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Cornell expert: Hackers ‘already’ in our infrastructure, waiting to jump

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Becka Bowyer

FBI Director Christopher Wray has issued a stark warning about China’s hackers preparing to "wreak havoc" and "cause real-world harm" to Americans. Wray will testify in front of the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist party.

Gregory Falco

Assistant professor in Cornell Engineering

Gregory Falco, assistant professor of engineering at Cornell University, is a cybersecurity expert. He was listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 for Enterprise Technology, named a DARPA RISER, and received the DARPA Young Faculty Award for his disruptive security and space technology research.

Falco says:

“This is not a new issue at all. When I started my PhD back in 2015 on urban critical infrastructure cybersecurity, there was a series of attacks on water dams by Iran and on natural gas pipelines by China. The recent activities are just reminders that they are already in our systems (and have been there for years), waiting quietly until the right time to jump.”

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