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Cornell expert: Layoffs in BigTech may not be as dire as speculated

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Adam Allington

Microsoft announced today job cuts affecting 10,000 employees. The move comes amid a wave of layoffs at Silicon Valley companies including Amazon, Meta, Coinbase and others.

John Blevins

Adjunct Professor

John Blevins is guest lecturer in Cornell’s SC Johnson College of Business where he focuses on technology-driven market changes, strategic management and leadership in the tech sector.

“The tech sector is just getting back to where they were in 2020 or 2021, which I don’t think is a bad situation. It’s still a huge workforce. For Microsoft, I believe even with 10,000 layoffs, they’ll still have more employees than they did before the end of 2021.”

“On a very positive note, these people being let go at these major tech firms will get new replacement jobs almost immediately. They’re highly skilled, highly valuable workers with in-demand skills. They also tend to be very mobile and flexible, and can easily take advantage of remote work situations.”

“For the industry, it's probably a good thing, because they will take roles and "smaller" firms and bring the big firm knowledge with them.  This cross-industry-pollination of information and ideas will actually help the industry as a whole because small to mid-sized firms could not attract the high-quality talent they so desperately needed.”

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