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Cornell experts available to discuss imminent SCOTUS opinions

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Damien Sharp

The U.S. Supreme Court will soon issue decisions on several high-stake cases. The following Cornell University experts are available to discuss various court rulings when they are released.

David A. Bateman

Assistant Professor

Merrill v. Milligan

David Bateman, professor of government, is an expert in democratic institutions, including legislatures and political rights, and as well as on ideas and ideologies of democracy, race, and racism. Bateman is the author of “Race, Party, and American Voting Rights.” 

Michael C. Dorf

Robert S. Stevens Professor of Law

Biden v. Nebraska

Dept. of Education v. Brown

National Pork Producers v. Ross

Michael Dorf, professor of law at Cornell Law School, is a constitutional law expert. Dorf’s work as a lawyer has included constitutional law challenges, and he maintains an active pro bono practice that chiefly consists of writing amicus briefs in Supreme Court cases. Dorf has also written extensively on these cases 


James Grimmelmanm

Tessler Family Professor of Digital and Information Law

Jack Daniel’s Properties, Inc. v. VIP Products LLC

Gonzalez v. Google

James Grimmelmann, professor of digital and information law at Cornell Law School, is an expert in intellectual property, technology, and information. Grimmelmann studies how laws regulating software affect freedom, wealth, and power and is the author of the casebook Internet Law: Cases and Problems and of over fifty scholarly articles and essays on digital copyright, content moderation, search engine regulation, online governance, privacy on social networks, and other topics in computer and Internet law.

J. Nathan Matias

Professor of Communication

Gonzalez v. Google

J. Nathan Matias, professor of communication, works with social media companies, news organizations, and online communities to test ideas for a flourishing internet and evaluate the social impact of online platforms. Matias was recently published in Springer Nature in which he spoke directly on this matter.

Michael Sliger

Professor of Law, Director of Federal Indian Law Practicum

Arizona v. Navajo Nation

Haaland vs. Brackeen

Michael Sliger, professor of law and leader of the Federal Indian Law Practicum at Cornell Law School, has worked with tribes and tribal organizations in a variety of areas, including tribal economic development and general business matters, conduct of due diligence, land claims, and matters relating to tribal gaming and the government-to-government relationship between tribes and the United States.  

Nelson Tebbe

Professor of Law

303 Creative v. Elenis

Nelson Tebbe, professor of law at Cornell Law School, is a constitutional law expert. Tebbe is the author of Religious Freedom In An Egalitarian Age (Harvard University Press, 2017), in which he examines the contemporary conflict between free exercise and equality law.

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