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EU building renovations plan ‘bold’ example of green recovery

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Jeff Tyson

The European Union is set to announce a large-scale building renovation project on Wednesday — an effort to cut carbon emissions and energy costs across the 27-nation bloc, while stimulating an economy struggling with the effects of COVID-19. The plan is expected to target hospitals, schools and social housing.

Timur Dogan

Architect, building scientist, faculty fellow at the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability

Timur Dogan is an architect, building scientist, professor and director of the Environmental Systems Lab at Cornell University. Dogan’s lab develops software tools and metrics for sustainable, data-driven renovation and development initiatives such as that proposed by the EU. His work includes ClimateStudio, Urbano.io and Eddy3D, which allow architects and engineers to incorporate energy use, walkability, health and more into their designs. Dogan says the EU’s building renovation project is an investment in the future and provides a positive example for green tech initiatives elsewhere.

Dogan says:

“The recent plans by the EU to speed up renovation rate of buildings to reduce carbon emissions is bold and significant. It provides a short-term economic stimulus and invests in the future by cutting reliance on fossil fuels and advancing research and industry in architecture and building technology.

“The same can be said of the bloc’s plan to fund a new Bauhaus movement to transition Europe’s architecture, engineering and construction industries towards a circular economy as part of the EU’s 750 billion euro coronavirus recovery plan. Similarly, coordinated support mechanisms could also greatly benefit the U.S. and foster leadership in green technology.

“With these plans, the EU is showing the world how green recovery can work in practice.”

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