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Gateway tunnel project will increase climate resilience in NYC area

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Kaitlyn Serrao

With the signing of a $6.8 billion federal grant, the Gateway Development Commission can start moving forward on the construction of a long-awaited rail tunnel project to connect New Jersey and Penn Station.

Thomas O'Rourke

Professor emeritus of engineering

Thomas O’Rourke, professor emeritus in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University, worked on the project design review and offered advice on the project. You can watch him talking about the project here.

O'Rourke says: 

“Not only is the Gateway Project a major step forward for transportation infrastructure, it is a major resilience project. During Hurricane Sandy in 2012 many tunnels across the Hudson and East Rivers were flooded. The Gateway Project will benefit from lessons learned during Hurricane Sandy.

“In particular, the project will benefit from design and construction lessons learned while rehabilitating the Canarsie (L-line) Tunnel under the East River.”

Rick Geddes

Professor, Cornell Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy

Rick Geddes, director of the Cornell University Program in Infrastructure Policy, calls this the most important infrastructure megaproject currently underway.

Geddes says:

“This is an example of the federal and state governments coming together to update civil infrastructure. This is critically needed in the NY-NJ region, which is an area dependent on mass transit facilities. It will reduce traffic, enhance air quality and improve the quality for life for thousands of people.

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