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Gemini election-related restrictions raise questions

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Becka Bowyer

Google has begun to roll out restrictions in India regarding the types of election-related queries for which its chatbot Gemini will return responses.

Daniel Susser

Associate Professor

Daniel Susser, associate professor of information science at Cornell University, studies technology ethics and policy. He’s also a non-resident fellow at the Center for Democracy and Technology.

Susser says:

“It’s great that Google is taking seriously its responsibilities as a major force shaping our information environments, but their announcement raises more questions than it answers.

“How exactly is Google constraining its generative AI tools? Previous efforts at creating AI ‘guardrails’ – especially by trying to ‘restrict certain kinds of queries,’ as Google says it’s doing with its Gemini chatbot – have proven remarkably ineffective.

“If Google’s generative AI tools are too unreliable for conveying information about democratic elections, why should we trust them in other contexts, such as health or financial information? What does that say about Google’s long-term plans to incorporate generative AI across its services, including search?”

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