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Interest waning: NYC auto show evolves, fails to attract top companies

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Gillian Smith

The New York International Auto Show will take place in Manhattan on April 19-28, showcasing the latest versions of some of the most popular vehicles around the world. There are a few companies notably missing from this year’s lineup, including BMW.

Art Wheaton

Arthur Wheaton

Director of Western NY Labor and Environmental Programs for the Worker Institute

Art Wheaton, auto industry expert and director of the Western NY Labor and Environmental Programs at the Worker Institute, says BMW’s absence from the auto show in New York City is indicative of a major shift in the industry.

Wheaton says:

“Interest in auto shows has waned a bit in many parts of the world. The cost and expense of “Brick and Mortar” type showings are prohibitive. The scene has also changed from a “Car” show to an SUV/Crossover show. The market for cars in the U.S. is dropping like a stone while SUV’s and Crossovers are increasing in sales.

“The auto companies that show up need to display something new and different to capture the divided attention of the participants. The direct link from auto show to sales in the showroom is not as clear and some high profile names in the industry are choosing not to invest in their time and limited resources in the displays.”

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