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Musk’s purchase of Twitter could further fuel efforts to deregulate platform

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Becka Bowyer

Twitter has reached a deal to sell itself to Elon Musk, with the billionaire stating that he hopes even his worst critics remain on the social media platform.

Brooke Erin Duffy

Associate Professor of Communication

Brooke Erin Duffy, associate professor of communication, is an expert on social media and co-author of the recently released book Platforms & Cultural Production. Her research focuses on the intersection of media, culture and technology.

Duffy says:

“While Musk’s self-anointed status as a ‘free speech absolutionist’ has been challenged on several fronts, much of the public interest in his Twitter takeover has focused on this hot-button issue. Twitter users are polarized, and some are already announcing plans to abandon the platform.

“Further efforts to deregulate Twitter could thwart its current commitment to ensuring that ‘all people can participate in the public conversation freely and safely.’ Marginalized communities of users are especially vulnerable to the forms of hate and harassment that so often circulate in unregulated online spaces.”


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