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Netanyahu will need ‘all the magic’ to form Israeli government

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Rachel Rhodes

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, facing charges of corruption, will again attempt to form a coalition government – despite opposition from the other major party factions.   

Uriel Abulof

visiting professor at Cornell University’s Government Department

Uriel Abulof, a visiting professor in Cornell University’s government department and professor at Tel-Aviv University, says Netanyahu will need ‘all the magic he can muster’ to form a coalition.

Abulof says:

For the fourth time in two years, Israeli President Rivlin handed Prime Minister Netanyahu a mandate to form a coalition, a day after the latter lashed out, yet again, against his country’s criminal justice system. Often designated a ‘magician’ by supporters and opponents alike, Netanyahu will require all the magic he can muster to either find some defectors from the opposite camp or else bring together the United Arab List and the ultranationalist Religious Zionism, two parties that mainly share conservative values and homophobic hatred.

“If Netanyahu fails, it is up to his contenders to square the circle: creating an alternative coalition, which will also likely require the backing of Arab parties.”

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