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Proposed DHS restrictions on international students are unnecessary

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Rachel Rhodes

The Department of Homeland Security plans to publish a proposed rule introducing additional restrictions on international students. 

Stephen Yale-Loehr

Professor of Immigration Law

Steve Yale-Loehr is a professor of immigration law at Cornell Law School, co-author of a leading 21-volume immigration law series and co-director of the Asylum Appeals Clinic.

Yale-Loehr says:

 “The Department of Homeland Security is publishing a proposed rule today that would make the most significant changes to international student regulations in 20 years. Among other things, the 256-page proposed rule would:

  • Require most international students to finish their studies in four years, rather than however long it normally takes (e.g., 5-7 years for Ph.D. students);
  • Limit stays for some international students to two years if more than 10% of other students from that country have overstayed; and
  • Bar extensions for international students if the immigration agency decides in its discretion that a student is not making progress toward their degree. 

“Overall, if finalized, the rule would have a chilling effect on international students and increase the rapid decline in international student enrollment that we have already witnessed through other actions by this administration. Luckily, the rule is only a proposal: it will not take effect immediately. The public will have 30 days to comment. Universities, international students, and companies that hire international students should comment on the negative impact the rule would create.”

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