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TikTok ban impact: Content creators ‘misunderstood, devalued’

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Becka Bowyer

The U.S. Senate is expected to vote today to advance the House-passed package that includes a provision that could lead to a nationwide ban on TikTok. The outcome is a key indicator of whether the legislation has enough support to head to President Biden’s desk.

Brooke Erin Duffy

Associate Professor of Communication

Brooke Erin Duffy, associate professor of communication at Cornell University, is a social media expert. In 2021 she authored a paper analyzing the potential impact on content creators if TikTok were to be banned.

Duffy says:

“For quite some time, U.S. creators have been bracing themselves for a possible ban. To mitigate the potential economic risk, these creative laborers have expanded their brand presence across multiple platforms while launching podcasts, subscription newsletters, educational offerings – even merchandise. However, the Senate decision injects a heightened level of uncertainty into the livelihoods of countless content creators, influencers, and small business owners.  

“With the platform's long-term future suspended in a delicate balance, today's news underscores the stark power imbalances in the creator economy. Despite app users' reliance on creators for news, information, entertainment, and community – the profession remains misunderstood and, unfortunately, devalued.”

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