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Trump's SOTU could be the most partisan address ever delivered

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Rachel Rhodes

President Trump appears to be moving forward with plans for a State of the Union next week, despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s request to delay the customary national address until an agreement is reached to re-open the federal government. The State of the Union cannot be held in the House Chamber without an invitation from Speaker Pelosi.

Glenn C. Altschuler

Professor of American Studies

Glenn Altschuler, a professor of history and American studies, says that President Trump’s 2019 address may be the most partisan State of the Union ever delivered – even if not delivered in the House Chamber.

Altschuler says:

“This year’s State of the Union address, whenever and wherever it is delivered, may well qualify as the most partisan address ever delivered. In the past, presidents have avoided direct reference to differences between the parties. As on so many other issues, President Trump has and will continue to break norms of discourse with his State of the Union addresses.  

“Thus, President Trump’s address in 2019 will be less a report on the state of the country – and more another episode in toxic (and paralyzing) partisanship. While the president’s supporters applaud his in-your-face candor, the remainder of Americans will worry about its impact on governing.”

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