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Weather and food: Cornell experts dish out tips for July 4th

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Lindsey Knewstub

Millions of Americans will hit the road for the beach, mountains or a simple backyard barbecue or picnic this holiday weekend.

Samantha Borisoff

Extension Support Specialist

Samantha Borisoff, a climatologist with the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University, says hot temperatures with a possibly of thunderstorms are in the forecast.

Borisoff says: 

“Will it rain on your parade? There’s a chance of showers and thunderstorms, so people should be prepared to seek shelter if they hear thunder or see lightning. Follow your local National Weather Service for any watches and warnings.

“Hot dogs on the grill may not be the only thing sizzling this weekend! The current forecast indicates temperatures will be normal or warmer than normal. With the UV index expected to be high, folks will want to make sure they put on sunscreen.”

Robert Gravani

Professor Emeritus of Food Science

Robert Gravani, a food-safety expert and director emeritus of the National Good Agricultural Practices Program at Cornell University, says that separating raw and cooked foods and watching food temperatures is essential to ensuring that the food you eat is safe.

Gravani says: 

“Food safety at picnics begins with proper planning!

“Keeping foods cold, cooking meat and poultry items thoroughly, separating raw and cooked foods, not letting cooked foods sit out for long periods of time and good personal hygiene during preparation will insure a safe and festive 4th of July picnic.”

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