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White House abdicates global leadership with proposed cuts to refugee program

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Rachel Rhodes

The Trump administration is reportedly considering a drastic cut to the number of refugees able to enter the United States. According to the New York Times, proposed changes include eliminating the program entirely, and President Trump is expected to make a decision on Tuesday.

Maria Cristina Garcia

Howard A. Newman Professor of American Studies

Maria Cristina Garcia is a professor of History and Latino Studies at Cornell University, and studies migration and refugees, including authoring the book “The Refugee Challenge in Post-Cold War America.”

“During the past two years, the Trump administration has reduced the small refugee admissions quota to its lowest levels since 1980. Administration officials are now considering a total ban on refugee admissions which would be unconscionable. If the ban goes through, the administration will abdicate on yet another leadership role – this time on humanitarian issues. 

“Will the U.S. compensate by increasing its financial support of the UNHCR’s work in refugee camps? That, too, seems highly unlikely.”

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