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Wisconsin’s Supreme Court election ‘immensely consequential’

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Damien Sharp

Control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and likely the future of abortion access, will be determined in a state election on Tuesday.

Glenn Altschuler, professor of  American studies at Cornell University, says this race will not only affect the future of abortion and gerrymandering, but also shed key insight into constituent sentiment around judicial candidates explicitly sharing views on issues likely to come before them.  

Glenn C. Altschuler

Professor of American Studies

“Tomorrow’s election is immensely consequential for pending cases in Wisconsin involving the future of abortion, gerrymandering, and the role of the state legislature in selecting Electoral College delegates in 2024. 

“But in one of the few states that elects it judges, it also provides important insights about whether voters do or do not want prospective judges to be more explicit about their views on issues likely to come before them.” 

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