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Wray’s testimony ‘an understatement’ on potential impacts of Chinese cyber-attack

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Damien Sharp

The House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is hearing testimonies on the CCP cyber threat to U.S. homeland and national security. In his opening statement, FBI Director Christopher Wray cited the havoc a Chinese cyber-attack could have on our physical infrastructure in the U.S.

Rick Geddes, infrastructure policy expert and director of the Cornell University Infrastructure Policy Program, says a CCP attack on America’s infrastructure could have ripple effects on other critical infrastructure

Rick Geddes

Professor, Cornell Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy

“Today, FBI Director Christopher Wray made important statements regarding the threat to America’s critical infrastructure presented by the CCP. Director Wray made a sharp and important distinction between the CCP and the people of China and between Chinese people living in the United States.

“Wray’s emphasis on the threat posed to America’s critical infrastructure from CCP cyberattacks is important and timely. A successful cyberattack could cripple or degrade such critical infrastructure such as power, water, communications and transportation. If anything, Director Wray’s words are an understatement because he did not stress how technology is quickly making those critical infrastructure systems more integrated over time. 

“Thus, a successful attack on one sector can have important ripple effects on other critical infrastructure.”

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