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Xi’s personalized, opaque rule eroding trust in Chinese economy

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Becka Bowyer

With the 20th National Congress of China’s Communist Party over, the country has finally reported that its third-quarter gross domestic product grew, beating expectations.

Jeremy Wallace

Associate Professor of Government

Jeremy Wallace, associate professor of government at Cornell University, is an expert on Chinese politics. He is author of the forthcoming book “Seeking Truth and Hiding Facts: Information, Ideology, and Authoritarianism in China” – out on Tuesday.

Wallace says:

“China’s GDP number is now out after a week’s delay. The official number was 3.9%, above expectations. As Xi’s third term begins, his increasingly opaque and personalized rule is eroding trust in Chinese statistics. Development seems to be pushed aside as a security mindset dominates. Whether investors will keep money flowing in and how much capital flight the country will suffer remain open questions.”

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