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Airbnb a winner for investors, IPO long overdue

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Jeff Tyson

Home sharing company Airbnb is joining the public market today with the biggest U.S. IPO this year.

Drew Pascarella

Lecturer of Finance

Drew Pascarella, senior lecturer of finance at the Cornell University SC Johnson College of Business, says Airbnb has demonstrated itself as a clear winner, and that investors won’t need to speculate on its future.

Pascarella says:

“Airbnb’s IPO is the latest in a long trend of above-the-range deal pricings, as equity investors fight for shares of high-quality companies who have been cooped up far too long. Airbnb is a household name, a clear market leader, and should already be public by now. Unlike young startup IPOs, investors don’t need to speculate about Airbnb’s future. We’re in the future, and Airbnb is a winner.”  

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