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Cornell experts available on NYS budget

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Abby Kozlowski

The following Cornell University experts are available to discuss various NYS budget topics, from bail reform to minimum wage.

Bail reform:

Timothy McNutt

Director of Cornell ILR's Criminal Justice and Employment Initiative

Timothy McNutt is available to discuss how New York courts decide bail, bail’s impact on recidivism and what the new amendment means.  


Climate bills:

Robert Howarth

David R. Atkinson Professor of Ecology and Environmental Biology

Robert Howarth is pleased to see the budget includes the NYS Climate Action Council’s recommendation to ban fossil fuel hookups in new construction. He can also address concerns that all-electric homes are more expensive and the challenges ahead.


Meals in schools:

Tashara Leak

Assistant Professor, Division of Nutritional Sciences

Tashara Leak conducts research to inform public health programming and policy surrounding diet, health and overall wellbeing of adolescents that reside in urban communities.


Angela Odoms-Young

Associate Professor Division of Nutritional Sciences

Angela Odoms-Young focuses on the social and structural determinants of dietary behaviors and related health outcomes in low-income populations as well as in non-white populations. Her work centers on developing culturally responsive programs and policies that promote health equity, food justice and community resilience.


Housing/ zoning:

Sara Bronin

Professor of City and Regional Planning

Sara Bronin is an expert on how law and policy can foster more equitable, sustainable, well-designed and connected places. She created a National Zoning Atlas to translate and standardize tens of thousands of zoning codes across the country.


Minimum wage:

Ian Greer

Senior Research Associate at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Ian Greer can discuss why the minimum wage increases are inadequate and how the state missed an opportunity to implement a living wage.

Russell Weaver

Director of Research, ILR Buffalo Co-Lab

Russell Weaver can discuss the impact of indexing minimum wage to inflation.


Raising the NYC charter cap

Peter Rich

Assistant professor of public policy

Peter Rich can speak about the impact of charter schools on the racial makeup of schools and surrounding neighborhoods. He was lead author on a study finding that charters increased segregation in schools but diversified neighborhoods.

Cornell University has television, ISDN and dedicated Skype/Google+ Hangout studios available for media interviews.