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That perfect tree is still available in New York — if you know where to look

With the holiday season upon us, many people are decorating their homes and looking for that special Christmas tree. But a shortage across the county could make that more challenging and pricier.

Elizabeth Lamb

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Elizabeth Lamb is a plant breeding expert and a senior extension associate with the Cornell Cooperative Extension’s New York State Integrated Pest Management program. She says even though there is a tree shortage, trees are still readily available in New York state.

Lamb says:

Is there a shortage of fresh New York grown Christmas trees this year? The answer may be ‘No’ and ‘Yes’. New York state is blessed with a vigorous Christmas tree industry, mostly selling trees as ‘choose and cut’ while some have precut trees available at the farm or at sites in cities. There are trees still available – which is good news for those of us who tend to get a tree closer to Christmas. 

“However, last year’s record sales – and this year’s early sales – have meant that some operations are closing earlier than in past years. Check the website for your favorite location and see if they are still open. They may publish lists of other tree farms in the area that are still open if they are not.

“You can also use the Christmas Tree Farmers Association of New York’s Farm Locator to help find tree farms in your area (check their websites for availability). Some Cornell Cooperative Extension county offices also publish lists of Christmas tree farms in the area. 

“So, yes, Virginia, there are still fresh, beautiful Christmas trees available for cutting in New York. You might just have to look a little bit farther.”

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