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The ATLAS (Accelerated Training for Labor Advancement in Semiconductors) Program works with students enrolled in the New Visions Engineering Program, a yearlong program held on Cornell’s campus that prepares high-achieving, college-bound high school seniors for majors in engineering.

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Ben Nassi, researcher at Cornell Tech, explains the potential of AI worms “It basically means that now you have the ability to conduct or to perform a new kind of cyberattack that hasn't been seen before.”


Flavio Lehner, assistant professor of Earth and atmospheric sciences, explains the possible causes of the Smokehouse Creek Fire, “It's warmer than it has been in the past, and that makes the vegetation drier, you add in the lack of rainfall, and that makes the conditions right for fire.”

The Wall Street Journal

“Hotels are struggling with shrinking margins. They have fewer levers than airlines,” says Steve Carvell, professor at the Nolan School.


“There’s all this evidence suggesting women, especially in leadership roles, know that they’re going to face backlash if they’re perceived as less cooperative,” says Kristina Rennekamp, professor of accounting.

The Guardian

James Grimmelmann, professor of digital and information law, notes that Supreme Court justices “unpersuaded by the Internet companies’ broad arguments that almost everything they do is protected by the First Amendment.”

The Washington Post

Randy Worobo, professor of food science, explains the benefits of using ethylene gas absorbers to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer periods.