‘Sour’ grapes: Berry damage, fruit flies worsen wine

Damaged grape berries combined with vinegar flies are a recipe for promoting sour rot, a disease that lowers vineyard yields and wine quality, according to a Cornell study reporting on field experiments in New York state.

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A team in Cornell Engineering created a new lithium battery that can charge in under five minutes – faster than any such battery on the market – while maintaining stable performance over extended cycles of charging and discharging.

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“We are starting to see and will continue to see shifts in the range” of West Nile virus, says Laura Harrington, professor of entomology, “and shifts in some of the avian hosts that are most important.” 


Research by Matthew Zipple, a postdoctoral fellow in neurobiology and behavior, suggests that the longevity of humans and other primates can be partly attributed to the mother-child relationship.

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“It is a small step within a complex immigration system that can smooth the way for many individuals to get a work visa more quickly,” says Stephen Yale-Loehr, professor of immigration law.

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“Diet can aid in both the prevention and management of high blood pressure,” notes Emily Gier, associate professor of practice in nutritional science. “And unlike some medications, it doesn’t come with side effects.”

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“You cannot just expect that the kids will jump into the world of social media and learn how to swim on their own,” says Natalie Bazarova, professor of communications and director of the Cornell Social Media Lab. “They need to have instruction.”


Brooke Erin Duffy, associate professor of communication, who studies the social media industry, points out that speculating on whether this is real or a stunt may be part of the appeal to fans, along with the enduring trope of love triangles.