Protect habitat to prevent pandemics

An international team of 25 scientists led by a Cornell expert has proposed a roadmap for how to prevent the next pandemic by conserving natural areas and promoting biodiversity, thereby providing animals with enough food, safe havens and distance to limit contact and transfer of pathogens to humans.

MEDIA ALERT: Experts available on planning spring gardens

Cornell agriculture experts are available to discuss spring and summer gardening.

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Cornell researchers have developed a semiconductor chip that adds a necessary time delay so signals sent across multiple arrays can align at a single point in space, and without disintegrating.

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Article mentions We Rise, a coalition of organizations including the Carroll Gardens Nanny Association, the National Domestic Workers Alliance, and the School of Industrial and Labor Relations.


Erica Groshen, senior labor market advisor at ILR, discusses housing costs.


"You know the canary in the coal mine saying? If we understand what's happening to birds, we might be able to understand broader changes in the environment, in climate and things like that," says Ian Davies, extension support specialist.


Alex Susskind, professor of food and beverage management, explains why self-serve machines have disappeared in some places.

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Sarah Kreps, professor of government, says there have been “a number of efforts to dot the I’s and cross the T’s in terms of the constitutionality of this” since 2020.

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Christopher Anderson, professor of operations and analytics at the School of Hotel Administration, discusses teaching about AI and its use in revenue management for travel and hospitality companies.