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AI-related downsizing no cause for panic

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Adam Allington

As companies invest heavily in artificial intelligence, some workers are already paying the price as tech giants like Google, Amazon, and eBay slash thousands of jobs. This is raising concerns about expansive/far these AI-driven cuts will extend.

John Blevins

Adjunct Professor

John Blevins, guest lecturer in Cornell’s SC Johnson College of Business, focuses on technology-driven market changes and strategic management and leadership in the tech sector.

Blevins says:

“The wave of AI usage to improve business operations will affect every industry in every country. The tech sector, which moves faster than most others, is simply being altered by AI first. 

“As in all other sectors, Tech will experience AI-influenced job destruction, but it should be thought of as job disruption. Tech sector jobs will be both created and destroyed.  Interestingly, the tech sector will also create jobs related to AI development and application, given the nature of what it does.  This will be less so for non-tech sectors.

“As industry sectors embrace AI to improve business operations, they will become more efficient. This AI-fueled disruption will create new winners and losers in every marketplace and overall make each sector stronger.” 

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