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Town-gown awards to recognize community partnerships

The ninth annual Cornell Town-Gown Awards, also known as the TOGOs, which highlight Cornell-community partnerships, will be held Dec. 7 from 9:30-11:30 a.m. in Ithaca High School’s Kulp Auditorium.

Staff News

ILR School awards funding for Inequality and Work projects

ILR students, staff and faculty and alumni will explore the theme Inequality and Work in 22 projects being funded by the ILR School through its annual research grant program.

Are hiring algorithms fair? They’re too opaque to tell, study finds

New research from a team of Computing and Information Science scholars raises questions about hiring algorithms and the tech companies who develop and use them.

An unconventional quest to change the future of food

Michelle Adelman ’89, through her company, Go Fresh!, is working to build a new sustainable food system in Africa by fostering a market for plant-based meat and dairy alternatives. 


New group supports first-generation and low-income students

Doctoral students Rachel King, Taylor Brown and Felicia New have formed the First Generation and Low Income Graduate Student Association, addressing a need that had already been met for undergrads.

LGBTQ beauty vloggers draw on queer culture to stand out

New Cornell research explores how racially diverse LGBTQ beauty vloggers market themselves and make marginalized people more visible.

Students pair ballet and books in Ithaca outreach program

Group of students started the Ballet and Books program to boost literacy among children from pre-K through third grade.

CNN producer says government major plays key role in career

Tom Goldstone ’94 says his College of Arts and Sciences education has helped him make sense of the world. That’s what he does every day at CNN as executive producer of “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” a show whose mission – and tagline – is exactly that. 


Farm to School grows NY ag, sows seeds for healthy eating

Cornell Cooperative Extension has become a driving force behind a surge in New York’s Farm to School initiatives. The programs stock school cafeterias with fresh, local foods and offer farmers an expanded market for their goods.

University, trustees honor outstanding employees

University leaders and trustees on Nov. 18 honored 15 individuals and three teams with President’s Awards for Employee Excellence, and the inaugural Trustee Award for Excellence.

Staff News

Endangered right whales act as environmental barometers

The highly endangered North Atlantic right whale, by rapidly altering its use of important habitat areas off the New England coast, is sending a signal about disruptive change in the environment, according to new Cornell research.

CIPA to integrate data science into its curriculum

The Cornell Institute for Public Affairs will revise its curriculum to ensure that all students graduate with proficiency in data science.