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Mahowald to Congress: Act now to arrest climate change

Cornell professor Natalie Mahowald offered straightforward and hopeful testimony on Earth’s warming atmosphere Feb. 13 in a three-hour hearing on climate change before the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.

New event planning policies unveiled following student input

Cornell’s Event Management Planning Team has introduced changes to the event management planning process after receiving input from students during the fall semester.

Things to Do, Feb. 15-22, 2019

Events this week include Darwin Days in Ithaca, Oscar-nominated short films at Cornell Cinema, a reception for spring exhibitions at the Johnson Museum, "Tartuffe" at the Schwartz Center and a Wikipedia editing workshop for beginners.

A fresh look at China’s energy policy shows mixed results

Cornell researchers and their colleagues have created a new, comprehensive data set of China’s 2,656 energy-related policies operating in 30 provinces – and found they cancel each other out when it comes to energy consumption.

Tiny particles can switch back and forth between phases

Cornell researchers have found that inorganic materials are able switch between discrete states almost instantaneously, bridging the gap between what’s known about phase changes in organic molecules.

Freedom on the Move builds database of fugitive slave ads

Online project is enlisting the help of the public to create a database for thousands of advertisements placed by enslavers who wanted to recapture self-liberating Africans and African-Americans.

Study uses neural networks to define Dada

Cornell researchers explored whether an algorithm could be trained to sort digitized Dadaist journals from non-Dada modernist journals – a formidable task, given that many consider Dada inherently undefinable.

No-touch sensor measures vital signs of small animals

Cornell engineers have developed a device for measuring the heartbeat and breath rate of conscious small animals without touching them.

Bree Newsome: 'Everyone has a role to play'

In the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Lecture, Feb. 11 in Sage Chapel, Bree Newsome recalled the events leading up to her removing a Confederate flag from the South Carolina Statehouse grounds in 2015.

New grant program funds novel conservation collaborations

The Atkinson Center is partnering with The Nature Conservancy on three funded research projects, related to climate change, renewable energy and wildlife management. 

Caesar’s death and life explored in ‘Antiquitas’ podcast

Season 2 of the podcast, "Antiquitas: Leaders and Legends of the Ancient World," will explore the life and violent death of Julius Caesar, one of history's most legendary leaders.


Digital ag is Cornell’s newest radical collaboration initiative

Digital agriculture at Cornell has just been seeded for robust additional growth by being added as a strategic discipline area to the provost's radical collaboration initiative.