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New software helps plant breeders bring out their best

Cornell researchers have released a free, open-source software to help make potentially subjective and time-consuming plant breeding decisions more consistent and efficient.

By land and air, students to detect crop diseases with tech

The new Shen Fund for Social Impact will enable students to pursue engineering projects that could benefit society by using technology in innovative ways.

Via sport, Farred explores relation, belonging in ‘Entre Nous’

Africana studies professor Grant Farred muses on soccer, separation, relation and belonging in his new book, “Entre Nous: Between the World Cup and Me.”

Link found between gut bacteria, successful joint replacement

Having healthy gut flora – the trillions of bacteria housed in our intestines – could lower the risk of infection following knee and hip replacement surgeries, while an unhealthy intestinal flora may increase the risk of infection.

Macroeconomics workshop examines lessons from 2008 crisis

Cornell hosted a two-day workshop in late June addressing criticisms of contemporary macroeconomics, organized by professor Kieran Donaghy with support from the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future.

Ajunwa discusses law, technology in ‘Present Value’ podcast

Ifeoma Ajunwa, assistant professor in the ILR School, discusses the interplay of law and technology in the multiple stages of an employee’s journey in the latest installment of the “Present Value” podcast series.


ILR Review ranked top journal in field by national association

According to a recent international survey by the Labor and Employment Relations Association, Cornell’s ILR Review continues to be the top journal in the field of work and employment relations.


Rigged card game sheds light on perceptions of inequality

In a study designed to measure perceptions of inequality, Cornell researchers found that winners of a simple card game were far more likely than losers to believe the game’s outcome was fair, even when it was heavily tilted in their favor.

Remembering physicist Sternglass, who helped the world see man on the moon

Alumnus Ernest Sternglass ’44, M.S. ’51, Ph.D. ’53, spearheaded the creation of a highly light-sensitive camera that NASA later adopted for the unmanned Surveyor probes and the subsequent Apollo 11 and 12 lunar missions.


New accelerator sails through key test – recovering energy

The Cornell-BNL ERL Test accelerator, or CBETA, reached an important milestone June 24: It measured energy recovery for the first time, confirming a theory first proposed more than 50 years ago at Cornell.

Space-themed fashion line launches student to NASA blastoff

Shoshana Swell ’20, creator of the astronaut-themed fashion line “This is my spacesuit,” will be attending NASA’s next SpaceX launch July 21.


Smart irrigation model predicts rainfall to conserve water

A predictive model combining information about plant physiology, real-time soil conditions and weather forecasts can save 40% of the water consumed by traditional irrigation strategies, according to new Cornell research.