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Robotics Day attracts scores to Duffield atrium

Robotics Day at Duffield Hall was a day-long event this year, with two classes holding their semester-ending competitions, plus demonstration booths set up throughout the atrium.

Startup GiveGab helped raise $52 million on Giving Tuesday

GiveGab, a fundraising and engagement platform founded at Cornell, helped nonprofits raise $52 million on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 27.


Researchers seek alternatives to Mekong River hydropower dam

Researchers worked with the Cambodian government to explore alternatives to a potentially devastating dam planned along the Mekong River.

NASA’s InSight captures first ‘sound’ of Martian wind

The Mars InSight lander has sent back the first “sounds” ever recorded on the red planet, NASA announced Dec. 7. These vibrations have left Cornell’s Don Banfield and mission scientists in auditory awe.

Cancer’s metabolism subject of trailblazing study

Cancer metabolism is the subject of renewed research interest, and the lab of Abe Stroock explores that aspect of the disease in its latest work.

2018 Affinito-Stewart research grants awarded; 2019 proposals sought

Nine Cornell faculty members have been awarded Affinito-Stewart research grants for the 2018-19 academic year. Proposals for 2019-20 are due Feb. 8.

It’s alive: Fiber-optic sensors could help soft robots feel, adapt

Robots that sense and adjust their position relative to their surroundings is the subject of the latest work from Rob Shepherd, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering.

Ecolectro receives $1.7M from DOE to accelerate hydrogen fuel development

The U.S. Department of Energy has granted $1.7 million to Cornell startup Ecolectro so the company can produce hydrogen fuel more easily and inexpensively.

Provost Research Innovation Award winners announced

The Office of the Provost has announced five winners of the inaugural Provost Research Excellence Awards, which recognize leadership and innovation in scholarly research.