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Roper Center gives voice to American public opinion

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at Cornell recently announced its first partnership with a major public library system, providing access to its archive of poll questions through the America’s Voice Project.

Experiential learning program celebrates 20 years in India

The International Agricultural and Rural Development major, in CALS, is celebrating 20 years of a partnership with Sathguru Management Consultants, the Cornell Sathguru Foundation for Development, and universities in India.

Cornell professor, pollster taking pulse of Latino voters

Sergio Garcia-Rios, assistant professor of government and Latina/o studies, is leading Univision’s polling of Latino voters through the 2020 election cycle.

Hospitality, not medical care, key to patient satisfaction

Quiet rooms and friendly nurses sway hospitals' patient satisfaction scores more than medical quality or survival rates, according a new study by Cristobal Young, associate professor of sociology.

Consider workplace AI’s impact before it’s too late, study says

If we want to have a say in what the future looks like, scholars and policymakers need to start thinking about workplace automation far more broadly, according to a new paper co-authored by a Cornell researcher.

Face-to-face contact with police builds trust in fledgling states

In new research, Sabrina Karim, assistant professor of government, found that personal contact and relationship-building between police and citizens encourages a positive attitude about the country’s central authority.

Around the world, Cornell fellows guide climate action

Nearly 70 professionals from around the world have become Cornell Climate Online Fellows, as they take action locally to battle atmospheric greenhouse gas and ask others to join in.

Beating expectations key for Oscar hopefuls

Aspiring film directors must outperform peers with similar experience to build reputations and advance their careers, according to a study co-authored by Heeyon Kim, assistant professor of strategy in the School of Hotel Administration.

Solitary confinement heightens post-incarceration death risk

Even short stays in solitary confinement appear linked to a higher risk of death after inmates are released from jail or prison, according to new research by Christopher Wildeman, professor of policy analysis and management.