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Castaway exoplanet moons behave like cosmic bumper cars

In our solar system, moons stay close to home planets. But beyond our cosmic neighborhood, lunar bodies around exoplanets can become castaways and carom across galaxies.

Panel tells how ‘Geek Girls’ succeed in tech

“A Conversation with Geek Girls” featured Heather Cabot, co-author of “Geek Girl Rising,” a book that explores “the sisterhood [that has been] shaking up tech.”

Researchers design software for rural Peruvian coffee growers

Faculty and students are working with a coffee-farming cooperative in rural Peru to create an interactive cost model of sustainable coffee production.

Podcast explores human health, the environment

Planetary Health,” a new podcast series, explores complex relationships between health and human interaction with the environment.


Seminar examines historical, societal impact of guns

The seminar Guns: Myth and Manufacture explored the historical impact of firearms and connections between weaponry and architectural design including the use of interchangeable components.

Recent Russian Arctic glacier loss doubles from the previous 60 years

Geophysicists examining glacier changes in the Russian Arctic have found that the rate of ice mass loss has nearly doubled over the last decade when compared to records from the previous 60 years.  

Lecture to explore American anger at government

Sociologist Arlie Hochschild will lecture on “Anger at Government vs. Liberal Hopes, Can We Come Together without Losing Ground?” April 30.

From ideas to impact: Atkinson Center charts a path to a sustainable future

Founded as the Cornell Center for a Sustainable Future in 2007 and then named and permanently endowed by David R. and Patricia Atkinson three years later, the Atkinson Center funds multidisciplinary solutions to sustainability challenges throughout the world.


Durland Lecturer speaks on the value of mentorship in success

Daniel A. D’Aniello, chairman emeritus of the Carlyle Group, delivered the Durland Lecture March 27 on campus.

Cornell students coach composting in Washington

Nine members of the Cornell University Sustainability Design student group spent Earth Day weekend at Smithsonian facilities in Washington, D.C., dispensing a green education to the public.

Genetic transcription ‘pause’ is focus of NASA grant

Cornell researchers seek to answer questions about the origin of a key step in transcription – the process of copying codes in DNA and transferring them to RNA in order to make proteins.

Mammary stem cells challenge costly bovine disease

While effective against bacteria, antibiotics alone cannot restore the damaged mammary tissue in cows when mastitis strikes, Cornell researchers have found.