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New associate dean will help Graduate School attract and keep more minority students

Terry Plater is the new associate dean for academic affairs in Cornell's Graduate School. She assumed her position in January 1999, succeeding Eleanor Reynolds, who retired in the fall 1998 semester.

Red Rover, Red Rover is no game, but a complex learning experience for young "explorers" of Martian surface at Caroline school

Red Rover is just a playground game to most schoolchildren. But to fifth-graders at Caroline Elementary School in Ithaca, it is a name for serious scientific inquiry.

First Great American Bluebird Count asks bird-lovers: 'Put your birdhouse on the map'

Researchers at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology and the North American Bluebird Society (NABS) are asking bird-lovers to log on to online and put their birdhouses on the map for the first-ever Great North American Bluebird Count.

Finding a way through Internet traffic jams is focus of grant for Cornell computer problem-solver

Traffic is getting worse every day. Not just on city streets and freeways, but also on the Internet, cellular phone systems and other communication networks. Not only is it hard to get where you're going, it's sometimes hard even to figure out where to go.

Third annual Latino Street Festival in Ithaca May 1

The Hermanos of La Unidad Latina/Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity Inc. of Cornell and the Latino Civic Association of Tompkins County are hosting the third annual Latino Street Festival, Saturday, May 1, in downtown Ithaca.

Cornell Women's Resource Center to hold breast cancer fundraiser

The Cornell Women's Resource Center (CWRC), a student organization, will hold a fund- raiser on campus to support the Ithaca Breast Cancer Alliance April 27-29.

Cornell, union members and managers assist in largest survey ever on health and safety in steel industry

Cornell's School of Industrial and Labor Relations is involved in the most comprehensive survey on health and safety issues ever done in the steel industry - and perhaps the most comprehensive in industry altogether.

Invading crustaceans survive snooze in super-polluted lake, Cornell researchers report

Thinking like military historians, limnologists at Cornell have documented the invasion by an exotic species Daphnia exillis in one of North America's dirtiest lakes.

'Epidemic of youth violence' and strategies to prevent it described in new book by Cornell's Garbarino

Neglect, shame, spiritual emptiness, alienation, anger and access to guns are a few of the elements common to violent boys, says James Garbarino, professor of human development at Cornell, in his new book.

'Occupational markers' provide clues to a life, new book reveals

Dog-walker's elbow, cowboy thumb, snowmobiler's back and miner's knee are among the nearly 150 conditions described in a new book, "Atlas of Occupational Markers on Human Remains," by Luigi Capasso, Kenneth A.R. Kennedy and Cynthia A. Wilczak.

Skeletons are out of the closet for Cornell's human biology class

There's mystery afoot in Cornell's Human Biology Laboratory, where an X-Files clock hangs on the wall and every drawer is filled with human bones or the special instruments used to measure them.

New Cornell web site explores national fallout after the deaths of six 20th century patriarchal rulers

Benito Mussolini died in shame, his battered corpse hung upside down dangling beside his lover in a public square. Josef Stalin was treated to a massive ceremonial funeral attended by thousands of mourners.