Guidelines for holiday decorations

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The following guidelines can help faculty and staff celebrate this season safely and in ways that are consistent with the university's commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.

Employees are reminded not to use university funds or resources, including office supplies and such equipment as word processors, copying machines and fax machines, in connection with holiday celebrations. And any holiday decorating of workspaces is expected to be done in a manner that is not disruptive and does not interfere with work performance.

Employees are also reminded to be sensitive to the rights and views of others and to the university's commitment to creating an inclusive environment. The visibility of decorations to other employees and their impact on the workplace also should be considered when decorating offices and labs and will be considered by the university in monitoring adherence to this policy. University guidelines for inclusive holiday decorations and fire safety may be found at:

For questions about safety guidelines, contact Christine Stallman at 255-8200 or by e-mail at For diversity issues in the workplace concerning winter holiday displays, contact Alan Mittman at 255-3976 or by e-mail at

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