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Institute for the Social Sciences awards interdisciplinary research grants

The Institute for the Social Sciences (ISS) has announced the recipients of its biannual small-grant award for interdisciplinary research and conference support for fall 2010. They are:

  • Garrick Blalock, applied economics and management (AEM); David Levine, University of California, "Can an Improved Sales Contract Speed Adoption of Improved Stoves?";
  • Debra Castillo, Latin American studies; Mary Jo Dudley, Cornell Farmworker Program; and Sofia Villenas, Latino studies, "Youth Identities, and Transnational Flows";
  • Molly Diesing and Draga Zec, both in linguistics, "The Interaction of Syntax, Semantics and Prosody in Slovenian";
  • Ori Heffetz, Michael Waldman and Kristen B. Cooper, all in economics, "Limited Rationality and the Strategic Environment: An Experimental Study";
  • Sheri Lynn Johnson, Christopher Seeds and John Blume, all law, "Capital Jurors Deciding Intellectual Disability: What Matters and Why?";
  • Kent Kleinman and Mary Woods, both architecture, art and planning, "Unpacking the Nano: The Price of the World's Most Affordable Car";
  • Daniel Lichter and Dean Lillard, both policy analysis and management; Rebekka Christopoulou, Bronfenbrenner Life Course Center, "Immigration, Intra- and Inter-generational Socio-Economic Mobility";
  • Edith Liu, AEM, "Do International Bond Markets Diversify Portfolio Risk?";
  • Qingzhong Ma, hotel, "What Drives the Stock Price Runups? Insider Trading vs. Market Anticipation";
  • Brian Rubineau, ILR; David Lazer, Northeastern University; Michael Neblo, Ohio State University, "The Co-evolution of Individuals and Their Social Setting: A Multi-site Longitudinal Study"; and
  • Brian Wansink, Kevin Kniffin and William Schulze, all AEM; Carol Devine and Jeffery Sobal, both nutritional sciences, "The Impact of Social Eating Patterns on Workplace Productivity and Organizational Commitment: Initiating a Program of Firefighter Research."

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