Two student teams win ECE innovation awards

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John Carberry

The spring semester’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Innovation Awards went to two teams, netting each a $10,000 prize.

The ECE Innovation Award Competition challenges students to design and develop an innovative technology based on electrical and computer engineering, and to demonstrate the potential of the idea to address a practical business or social challenge.

Spring 2014 winners were:

“Pulso,” a hand-mounted device that could help millions of visually impaired individuals “see” by feeling their way around. The microcontroller-based assistive device uses a combination of ultrasonic and infrared sensors to provide navigational guidance and obstacle detection via haptic feedback. Team members: Shane Soh ’14 and Eileen Liu ’14, M.Eng. ’15.

“Saund,” a brain-computer-interface technology platform. The visualization tool for elite triathletes enhances athletic performance and mental stamina with a brain-computer-interface instead of using buttons, wires and screens. Team members: Kelsey Kruse ’16, Andrew Bryan ’16, Vitchyr Pong ’16, Sue-Jean Sung ’15 and Max Weisbrod ’16.

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