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Use 'alt text' for images to improve web accessibility

Images and graphics can be helpful for your webpage: they make content easier to understand and they help people orient themselves to the content on your webpage. But, to make your web pages accessible to everyone, it is important to add “alt tags” to your images and graphics.  Without them, it can be frustrating for people to navigate through your site, especially those relying on digital readers to make your page accessible. Anyone who is responsible for entering and maintaining content on webpages should know the basics of web accessibility.

Cornell Information Technologies (CIT) provides web designers and publishers quick and easy best practices to use when writing alt text.

CIT’s Custom Development also is offering free web accessibility training for content contributors May 8, from 1 to 4 p.m.

Topics include:

  • How to write image alt text;
  • Why headers are important and how to use them;
  • Why alt tags are important and how to use them; and
  • How to remediate a PDF.

Those wishing to attend this web accessibility training are asked to register.

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Lindsey Hadlock