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Cornell's JumpStart program chooses four New York small businesses for collaborations

Four small businesses will collaborate with Cornell Center for Materials Research scientists to improve their products. (Jan. 14, 2010)

Worker turnover hurts customer service, study shows

A new ILR School study finds that worker turnover affects employee productivity and morale, causing service to falter.

Recycling mattresses to help former convicts and the homeless find jobs

Katie Broadbent '09 and Arthur Maas '09 are working with Andy Potash '66 to design a business with one goal in mind: creating jobs for workers often overlooked by employers.

Colleen Padilla uses 'word of mom' to turn a profit

With a Cornell MBA, Colleen Padilla has harnessed her experience as a mother and corporate brand manager to create a popular blog reviewing products for moms and kids.

Boycott by Cornell and other schools forces clothing manufacturer to change anti-labor policies

Pressure brought upon sports apparel manufacturer Russell Athletic by Cornell student groups, the university and other schools, resulted in changes in the firm's labor policies. (Dec. 23, 2009)

Johnson School program seeks to develop ethical, values-based business leaders

Clint Sidle is director of the Roy H. Park Leadership Fellows Program at the Johnson School, discusses how the program trains business leaders to avoid the excesses of Wall Street greed. (Dec. 17, 2009)

Study finds how restaurants can reap higher wine sales

A Cornell study has identified four strategies that restaurants use to reap higher wine sales: including the wine list on the food menu and listing prices without a dollar sign. (Dec. 9, 2009)

The case for a job-creation tax credit

ILR School professor John H. Bishop's proposal to create a temporary job creation tax credit will likely be discussed at President Obama's Dec. 3 jobs summit. (Dec. 1, 2009)

Sustainability, capitalism can go hand in hand, CEO says

The 2009 Net Impact Conference held at Cornell Nov. 13-14 drew a record 2,400 participants and featured such speakers as Jeffrey Immelt, chairman and CEO of General Electric. (Nov. 17, 2009)