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Cornell Food Venture Center helps Wegmans innovate

Cornell AgriTech food scientists provided food safety and development expertise to ensure the safety of food in Wegmans grocery stores.

Podcast series: ‘What Do We Know About Love?’

Podcast series "What Do We Know About Love?" will showcase the newest thinking about the relationship between humans and love.  


Milk inspection program marks 50 years of success in New York

For 50 years, Cornell has partnered with New York state to train inspectors of milk and milk products.

Students use library portal to talk global health care

Students in the Ethical Issues in Health and Medicine class talked to Palestinian contemporaries via the Cornell Portal Sept. 25.

Caltech earthquake expert to lecture Oct. 11 and 12

Seismologist Lucile M. Jones will address global trends in risk reduction for natural disasters Oct. 11.

Roper Center to create world’s most comprehensive health opinion database

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research will offer a searchable portal on the public’s views about health dating to 1935.


Symposium examines the potential of machine learning in health care

The Sept. 27-28 symposium “Bridging the Divide: Machine Learning in Medicine,” held at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, brought together researchers and clinicians from Cornell’s Ithaca campus and Weill Cornell Medicine to discuss recent work and initiate collaborations in the field of machine learning in medicine. 

Toolkit helps veterinarians to battle pet obesity trend

Cornell alumnae have developed a set of tools for U.S. veterinarians to more easily address pet obesity with pet owners.

At 150, ‘… any person … any study’ still stands strong

This year marks the 150th anniversary of when Cornell opened its doors with the founding principle of “… any person … any study.”