Ithaca startup wins $250,000 in Southern Tier clean energy competition

Six clean-tech companies working at the intersection of technology and sustainability - including one co-founded by a Cornell graduate - will use 76West competition prize money to help build the clean energy economy in the Southern Tier.

Gary Harris ’75 given alumni honor for diversity, inclusion efforts

The Cornell Graduate School has honored Gary L. Harris '75, M.S. '76, Ph.D. '80, with the inaugural Turner Kittrell Medal of Honor, given to alumni for significant national or international contributions to the advancement of diversity, inclusion and equity.

New to campus? Discover Cornell’s rich history

New Cornell University students, faculty and staff are entering a campus forged by history.

Big stink: Titan arum blooms outside for first time

Carolus, one of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' Titan arums (Amorphophallus titanum), also known as a corpse flower, bloomed in Minns Garden - the first time one of the flowers ever bloomed in a region outside of the tropics.

Class of 2021 - most diverse ever - boasts TV producer, authors, logroller

When incoming first-year students walk into their residence halls Aug. 18, they'll meet some fascinating people among their 3,375 classmates.

At Orientation, peers are ‘guide to all things Cornell’ for new students

Approximately 4,000 new first-year and transfer students will begin their journeys at Cornell Aug. 18-27, with orientation events exposing them to academic, social and cultural life on campus.

Veterinary college mends, releases injured bobcat

Veterinarians at Cornell's Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center recently saved the life of a bobcat hit by a car in Lansing, New York, and released him into the wild.

Cornell provides refuge for scholars under threat

Cornell sponsored Turkish academics Azat Gündoğan, a sociologist, and his wife, historian Nilay Ozok-Gündoğan, when they were threatened by their government.

President Pollack’s inauguration set for Aug. 24-25

The inauguration of Martha E. Pollack as the 14th president of Cornell University will feature student scholarship, highlight the role of universities in the search for truth, and celebrate the community Aug. 24 and 25.