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Planning students assist a blighted New Orleans 9th Ward, still slow to rebuild

City and regional planning students surveyed New Orleans' 9th Ward in March and looked at sustainable options for rebuilding the neighborhood as part of an ongoing Cornell planning initiative. (May 8, 2008)

CRP initiative: Helping New Orleans

City and regional planning students presenting their work from New Orleans' 9th Ward May 9 in Sibley Hall are continuing their department's New Orleans Planning Initiative. (May 8, 2008)

Cornell law alumnus appointed to first American clerkship with French supreme court

Law School graduate Juscelino F. Colares '03 will be the first American to hold a prestigious clerkship with the Conseil constitutionnel in Paris, where he will research American constitutional law for French justices. (May 7, 2008)

Stories about differences and diversity in Cornell project give community members a voice

Cornell students interview community members about inclusion and exclusion, racism and discrimination in Ithaca schools as part of 'Community Voices: Stories of Family, Culture and Education.' (May 6, 2008)

Women firefighters can take the heat, but too few firehouses give them the chance, study finds

Fewer than 4 percent of the nation's firefighters are women, and more than half of paid fire departments have never hired a female firefighter, finds a new report issued by the ILR School's Institute for Women and Work. (May 5, 2008)

Students allocate money from the Sunshine Foundation to make local lives brighter

For the third year, students studying philanthropy in Cornell's College of Human Ecology allocated $10,000 from Doris Buffett's Sunshine Foundation to local nonprofit organizations. (May 5, 2008)

To learn computer science, first-year students program robots

An innovative course at Cornell makes beginning computer programming more exciting by letting students program robots. (April 28, 2008)

Manhattan extension training is a walk in the park -- with science and hands-on classes

Cornell University Cooperative Extension-New York City has partnered with the Central Park Conservancy and NYC Parks Department to train staff and volunteers on the basics of horticulture and urban ecology. (April 28, 2008)

French revolutionary terror was a gross exaggeration, say Lafayette experts

The French public was led to believe that heads rolled willy-nilly and that blood ran in the streets of Paris in 1793-94, when, in fact, that wasn't quite the case. (April 28, 2008)