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Things to Do, Nov. 17-Dec. 1, 2017

Events this week include the Mini Locally Grown Dance Festival, a lecture by Constitutional law scholar Erwin Chemerinsky and a concert by Boston singer-songwriter Amanda McCarthy.

New B.F.A. curriculum prepares artistic and intellectual leaders

A new Department of Art curriculum will combine studio work with academic electives across Cornell for undergraduate students developing as artists and scholars.

Panel reflects on Watergate and ‘Russiagate’

A panel of faculty offered reflections after a Nov. 8 screening of "All The President's Men" and drew parallels to politics today.

Book details approaches to design research across disciplines

Jenny Sabin and Peter Lloyd Jones demonstrate new complementary and experimental approaches to the design studio and research in their new book, “LabStudio: Design Research Between Architecture and Biology.”

Watershed moment in China examined by faculty experts

Three Cornell experts on China offered their analysis of Xi Jinping's Oct. 18 speech laying out his vision for China and consolidating his personal power.

Classicist Michael Fontaine examines mental distress in humanities podcast

Michael Fontaine, professor of classics, returns to ancient literature to understand mental distress as a matter of ethics or of spiritual anguish instead of neurological misfirings in new podcast.


Female A&S undergrads can explore the world with new travel grant

The family of Ruth Bierman Linnick ’60 has created a travel fund to let female A&S undergraduates travel the world for pleasure, adventure and exploration.


Things to Do, Nov. 10-17, 2017

Events this week include a panel offering local perspectives on the Vietnam War; "Dunkirk' and "Justice League" at Cornell Cinema; a Cornell Symphony Orchestra concert; and Tesla coils at Science Cabaret.

Lennon shares ideas on ‘Some Important Third People’

Writer and professor of English J. Robert Lennon argues for the use of the third person in writing in an “In a Word” talk Nov. 15.