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Jerrold Meinwald, 2014 National Medal of Science winner, dies at 91

Emeritus professor Jerrold Meinwald, who was awarded the National Medal of Science in 2014 by President Obama and is credited with co-founding the field of chemical ecology, died on April 23 at 91.

Medical, fingerprint tech scale up with prototyping awards

Promising new technologies being developed into functioning prototypes with help from Cornell Engineering’s Scale Up and Prototyping Awards.

Strogatz, Bethe research papers named to top-50 list

The journal Physical Review, founded at Cornell, is celebrating its 125-year anniversary and has cited 50 "milestone" research papers. 


Castaway exoplanet moons behave like cosmic bumper cars

In our solar system, moons stay close to home planets. But beyond our cosmic neighborhood, lunar bodies around exoplanets can become castaways and carom across galaxies.

Panel tells how ‘Geek Girls’ succeed in tech

“A Conversation with Geek Girls” featured Heather Cabot, co-author of “Geek Girl Rising,” a book that explores “the sisterhood [that has been] shaking up tech.”

Recent Russian Arctic glacier loss doubles from the previous 60 years

Geophysicists examining glacier changes in the Russian Arctic have found that the rate of ice mass loss has nearly doubled over the last decade when compared to records from the previous 60 years.  

Cornell students coach composting in Washington

Nine members of the Cornell University Sustainability Design student group spent Earth Day weekend at Smithsonian facilities in Washington, D.C., dispensing a green education to the public.

Faculty Profiles: Spring 2018

Faculty Spotlight: Kirstin Petersen: Engineering robot collectives that mimic social insects; Nicholas Klein: Transportation planning as social mobility;Hector Aguilar-Carreno: The microscopic fight against a deadly trojan horse and Ludmilla Aristilde: Transformative scientist.


Three students named delegates to Clinton Foundation conference

Saloni Verma ’18, Kiyan Rajabi ’18 and Imani Majied ’19 will be delegates to the Clinton Global Initiatives University conference in Chicago in October.