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$1.5M gift to advance Cornell’s study of infrastructure policy

The Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy will intensify its work on critical transportation and other infrastructure challenges with support from the Charles Koch Foundation.

Cornell partners in NSF grant for astrophysics institute

The Cornell Center for Advanced Computing is among 10 collaborators awarded a $2.8 million grant from the National Science Foundation for a new astrophysics institute.

Researchers model avalanches in two dimensions

There’s a structural avalanche waiting inside that box of Rice Krispies on the supermarket shelf. Cornell researchers are now closer to understanding how those structures behave – and in some cases, behave unusually.

Digital agriculture workshop highlights radical collaborations

The third annual Cornell Digital Agriculture workshop, Oct. 30 in the Statler Hotel, will bring together stakeholders across disciplines to solve the biggest problems in agriculture and food systems.

To rid electric grid of carbon, shore up green energy support

Cornell and Northwestern engineers, and a federal economist, have created an energy model that aims to remove carbon power from the U.S. electric grid – replacing it with financially feasible green energy.

Art and science provide fertile ground for research, teaching

Research projects investigating the sounds of soil bring the fields of soil science, art, bioacoustics, entomology and other disciplines together, and blend creative practice with scientific inquiry.

Universal flu vaccine developed at Cornell nearing human trials

A universal influenza vaccine developed with the potential to be longer lasting and more effective than commercially available vaccines is destined for human clinical trials, thanks to a $17.9 million grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Micro-satellites offer a fresh view of NYS agriculture

A Cornell doctoral student is deploying new satellite technology that may be used for space research in the future and help New York farmers make more informed decisions today about growing crops and caring for animals.

Magnetics with a twist: Scientists find new way to image spins

Cornell researchers have put a new spin on measuring and controlling spins in nickel oxide, with an eye toward improving electronic devices’ speed and memory capacity.