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Dr. Joseph Safdieh, a neurologist at Weill Cornell Medicine, explains that Bell’s palsy is a temporary partial facial paralysis that occurs when the nerve controlling the facial muscles is inflamed. Safdieh also elaborates on possible causes Bell’s palsy and popular treatments.

Showcased at the October Inside Cornell, 15 Brooklyn students teamed up with Cornell researchers to collect environmental DNA from the Hudson River. When it comes to the role of NYC student scientists participating in the FishTracker project, CVM researcher Donna Cassidy-Hanley says, “They are a key part of this real research project.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders unveiled a $146 billion Puerto Rico recovery plan he says will allow renewable power sources such as solar and wind to provide about 70 percent of the island’s energy needs within the decade. “The case for renewables is that it’s the cheapest way to do it, and certainly the cheapest in the island’s isolated communities,” says economist Steven Kyle.

Michael Lynn, professor of food and beverage management who has studies tipping extensively, says “the more extraverted the personality traits of people in a country, the greater number of service providers they tip and the larger amount they tip." He also adds that social norms, differing wages, and whether service charges are customary also play a huge role.

In regards to the recent increase in labor policy specialists to move out of the Capitol, ILR professor, Lance Compa, explains “I don’t think there is anything unusual in this type of post-election, post-new administration shuffling by congressional committee staffers. It’s re-set time for a lot of people who want to move on to something new and different.”

Douglas MacMartin, a senior researcher in the College of Engineering, said “nothing in geoengineering technologies changes the fact that we must cut our carbon emissions aggressively” to limit global warming.

Cornell ILR auto industry expert Art Wheaton calls Elon Musk “a modern-day P.T. Barnum” in this story about Tesla's reveal of its long-expected semi truck.

This op-ed by law professor Michael Dorf argues that Pres. Trump’s verbal criticism of CNN has potential implications on a proposed merger between CNN's parent company Time-Warner and AT&T.

Annaliese Riles, professor of law and anthropology, is quoted in this article about the political impacts of President Trump's recent trip to Asia.

Cornell law professor Josh Chafetz is quoted in this article about the options facing a growing number of Republican senators who have called on Roy Moore to withdraw from the Alabama senate race after accusations of sexual misconduct from multiple women.

Dominik Riechers, assistant professor of astronomy, is featured in this article about the discovery of two massive galaxies merging. Riechers says, "Discovering a hyper-luminous starburst galaxy is an extraordinary feat, but discovering two — this close to each other — is amazing.”

Law professor Stephen Yale-Loehr is quoted in this article about the debate over ending the green-card lottery system, a program that grants 50,000 green cards annually and started in 1990 as a way of increasing representation of citizens from countries that do not send many people to the U.S.