Meet Lynn Wooten, new dean of the Dyson School

Lynn Wooten joined Cornell July 1 as the David J. Nolan Dean and a professor of management and organizations in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. She recently discussed her new role, her sense of connection to Cornell’s mission and her strategic vision for the school.

Gary Harris ’75 given alumni honor for diversity, inclusion efforts

The Cornell Graduate School has honored Gary L. Harris '75, M.S. '76, Ph.D. '80, with the inaugural Turner Kittrell Medal of Honor, given to alumni for significant national or international contributions to the advancement of diversity, inclusion and equity.

New to campus? Discover Cornell’s rich history

New Cornell University students, faculty and staff are entering a campus forged by history.

Class of 2021 - most diverse ever - boasts TV producer, authors, logroller

When incoming first-year students walk into their residence halls Aug. 18, they'll meet some fascinating people among their 3,375 classmates.

Global scholars study academic English, U.S. culture

Thirty-eight undergraduates, grad students and visiting scholars from 12 nations enrolled in this summer's English for International Students and Scholars program.

Scholarship lets rural students bloom at Summer College

A record number of high school students from 40 countries and 500 cities around the world took undergraduate classes at Summer College this year. But a handful of those who might benefit the most are from right down the road.

Warrior-scholars explore the relevance of 'Our Declaration'

Dean Ritter led 15 veterans and reservists participating in the 2017 Cornell Warrior-Scholar Project through a discussion of the Declaration of Independence.

Conference explores best practices in intergroup dialogue

Cornell hosted a recent conference where students, faculty and staff from various institutions shared experiences, practices and research in the growing field of intergroup dialogue.

Research offers new hope for gender equity in STEM fields

Men continue to be much more likely to earn a degree in STEM fields than women. Research from Cornell's Center for the Study of Inequality offers unexpected hope in closing this gender gap.