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CCE podcast taps the sweet innovation of NYS maple

Cornell Cooperative Extension Lewis County Executive Director Michele Ledoux joins the “Extension Out Loud” podcast for an episode on all things maple.

Delicious to the core: Turning apple waste into good taste

Cornell research aims to turn the nutritious leftovers created during apple processing into snack foods and cereals, reducing waste and creating new economic opportunities for New York companies.

New Cornell center to give engineering startups a boost

The Praxis Center for Venture Development, which formally opened March 21, will help clients accelerate research and development of their technologies while supporting business development in New York state.

AgriTech releases Galaxy Suite grape tomato varieties

Cornell AgriTech has released the Galaxy Suite collection of organic grape tomato varieties that are pretty, profitable and pack a culinary punch.

Girls get glimpse of their future in science

The W.O.M.E.N Outreach event on March 16 welcomed high school sophomore girls to campus to encourage their interest in science and engineering fields. 

Cornell model helps dairy farms reduce nitrogen, save money

Waterways might grow cleaner, thanks to improvements in the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System, a dairy nutrition model.

Cornell JumpStart program to support six NY businesses

Six NYS businesses have been awarded funding to participate in the Cornell Center for Materials Research JumpStart Program, in which they collaborate with Cornell faculty to develop and improve their products.

Podcast explores role of identity in youth engagement

The latest edition of the Cornell Cooperative Extension’s “Extension Out Loud” podcast features human development associate professor Anthony Burrow discussing the importance of purpose for youth.

Digital Ag Hackathon tackles pressing agricultural problems

Cornell’s first Digital Agriculture Hackathon saw students from a variety of disciplines come together to develop ways of addressing some of the world’s most pressing agricultural challenges.