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Cooperative Extension takes its message to Albany

Executive directors from Cornell Cooperative Extension county associations from across the state traveled to Albany Jan. 22 to meet with senators and Assembly members from their respective districts.

Program advances art of team building around the world

The Cornell Alliance for Science’s Global Leadership Fellows program teaches teams how to function across differences, so that workers can thrive in a culture of trust and respect.

Schwartz awards fund research in organ size, diabetes

Cornell professors Adrienne Roeder and Bethany Cummings both will receive $15,000 as winners of the 2019 Schwartz Research Fund for Women in the Life Sciences award.

Computer program aids food safety experts with pathogen testing

A new computer program can help food safety experts tasked with monitoring production plants for food-borne pathogens.

Natural habitats, bee diversity key to better apple production

A study of bees in apple orchards revealed that a wider diversity of species had a positive effect on apple production. 

Workforce expert helps NY ag respond to challenges

Richard Stup, an agricultural workforce specialist in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, is working on ways to help New York state’s farmers tackle workforce issues.

Cornell’s cure helps Little Buddy the reindeer celebrate holidays in full health

A year after a devastating illness brought reindeer Little Buddy to the Cornell University Equine and Nemo Farm Animal Hospital, the young reindeer is now back to full health and already embracing the holiday season.

Elegant trick improves single-cell RNA sequencing

A slight modification to an existing RNA sequencing technique, developed in the lab of assistant professor Iwijn De Vlaminck, will allow a greater variety of molecules to be analyzed. 

Titan arum to bloom in campus conservatory

One of Cornell’s two flowering-sized Titan arums – dubbed Wee Stinky for its putrid smell – is set to bloom for the fourth time.