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Startup wields natural bacterium to improve health of livestock

Bactana Animal Health, a new company providing a natural, sustainable alternative to dosing livestock prophylactically with antibiotics and hormones, joined Cornell’s McGovern Center in May.

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David Lodge's contributions part of Arctic species plan

On May 11 eight nations that adopted the first Arctic Invasive Alien Species strategy and action plan – a section of the Arctic Council’s Fairbanks Declaration – authored by scientists led by the Atkinson Center's David Lodge.

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Report: Coordinate efforts to ensure food, nutrition security

A national commission that included leaders from CALS announced May 16 a comprehensive, coordinated effort to solve food and nutrition security challenges that pose humanitarian, environmental and national security risks.

Nutritional sciences professor Mary Alice Morrison dies at 95

Mary Alice Morrison, professor emerita in the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University died at her home in Kendal at Ithaca Jan. 10.

Camp Campbell inspires Cornell women food scientists

Denise Morrison, president and CEO of Campbell Soup Co., visited Cornell May 4 with a message for female food scientists: You too can be leaders in the food systems industry.

Preserving our 'pale blue dot' is focus of first Sagan lecture

Lord Martin Rees, who has probed deep into the cosmos, studied gamma-ray bursts and galactic formation, spoke May 8 at Cornell on issues closer to home: the preservation of our “pale blue dot.”

Symposium examines threat of antimicrobial resistance

Dr. Arjun Srinivasan of the CDC delivered the keynote lecture at the symposium, "Antimicrobial Resistance: Research Synergies in Human and Animal Medicine," on Cornell's Ithaca campus May 4.

Clancy, Kolakowski named 2017 Kaplan Faculty Fellows

Paulette Clancy, the Bodman Professor of Chemical Engineering, and Heather Kolakowski, lecturer in the School of Hotel Administration, won 2017 Kaplan Family Distinguished Faculty Fellowships April 25.

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Researchers ID biomarker for weight gain, fat-mass growth

A study identified the sugar alcohol erythritol, which can be metabolized by, and even produced in, the human body as a biomarker for increasing fat mass.